SolarWinds Customisation - Framework & Workflow Demo

Clean and simple overall health dashboard: green, yellow, red - you can't go wrong

... with some added twist to provide updates and push short team notification messages (or words of inspiration at times when all goes well)

Optimized NOC views for large monitors to show key maps, dashboard and alerts

Single-pain-of-glass engineering dashboard with all issues, key stats and alerts on a single page. Most important objective - obtain desirable information in 0 clicks (well, sometime extra click or two will be necessary to dig even deeper)

Clear view of all triggered alerts, age, tickets and engineer who acknowledged it

State of the art clean and rich email body with dynamic links, tags, labels and key info  

Noise "killer" report which on its own can reduce noise by 80% on day 1

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KPIs for NOC to track aging alerts, SLAs, compliance, triggers rate, etc

Trend analyses with just one click on just one page (for every single node, volume, interface and application) - no more digging and time wasting! 

Smart Worldmap which will show any present issues per site aggregated in just one dot (not just node state, but all issues originated from a particular site, such as disk failure, application problems and so on - very unique setup which is highly visual and effective in assessing state from the International Space Station view point)

Huge collection of custom reports and SQL expertise to create more for just about anything

Uncovering hidden "Gremlins" in SolarWinds

Thousands lines of SQL queries to automate, systemize and simplify overall workflow and management

Happy and grateful engineers - my #1 customers :)

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Monitoring for you - from my heart to your LCD

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